Mobile as a sales avenue is relatively new in eCommerce. It’s different, sometimes more complex and it can be daunting, but it’s powerful,
it’s popular and most importantly, it’s here to stay.

Smartphones hit the mobile majority in 2012, up 29 percent from a year ago


ComScore (2013) Europe Digital Future in Focus 2013

Global mobile data traffic should grow by 26 times over the next 5 years


The Digital Marketing institute, 2013

More than half of all new internet connections are through mobile devices


The Digital Marketing institute, 2013

Ireland: The Mobile Nation – 4.9 million mobile subscribers of which 46.4% are active 3G users
– up quarter on quarter


Comreg Quarterly Report, Q4, 2012

Mobile Solutions... that conquer!

The last number of years has proven to be progressively significant in the life of mobile as we continue to witness considerable innovation in hardware, software and device functionality. These advancements are laying the groundwork for the future of the industry as smartphones and tablets are developing in a new era of multi-platform media where consumers are becoming increasingly more agnostic about how, when and where they connect with each other and content.

Life in the 21st century has certainly taken on a fast paced and ‘on the go’ nature for many of us. This undoubtedly often causes ambiguity in our daily lives as even new living modes like eCommerce become burdened, in terms of not having the luxury to be able to shop from our own homes as frequently as we may like or even the knowledge to know when we will be free to do so.

Thus, mobile and applications become, if nothing else, a convenient substitution to standard online shopping, and of course to shopping in brick and mortar stores!... but, BUY4NOW realise that there’s more to it than that.

What this tells us at BUY4NOW Technology Group is developing our product suite and re-designing our systems must be done in conjunction with the needs associated with these new customer trends. We have consecutively aimed to act in this manner of remaining ahead of the industry, and by anticipating both the new trends and the unmet needs of the mobile marketplace we can prepare to provide innovative and effective solutions for your customers - By serving your customer, we serve you.

We haven’t put time and effort into creating systems to work with your customer’s mobile devises just to keep up with the competition; we have done so with a vision in mind, one founded on our own company values representing innovation and excellence in eCommerce

We at least have confidence in our own technology to the extent that we are sure our mobile applications can not only equal the benefits of shopping from your laptop, but even extend the customer experience.

Your customer has the luxury to access their unique shopping account through multi-channel shopping via online, mobile web or mobile applications. The consumer’s basket and orders are persisted across all of these channels, thus allowing the customer to process and amend orders from various different sources to suit their needs.

BUY4NOW will produce a mobile site which is specifically developed for your mobile user. The site is designed to cater for your specific needs. We will ensure your site is optimised for current and future generation smartphones and is generally updated with improved touch screen support.

The site we initiate for you is configured automatically once a customer logs on from their mobile to enable an easy pinch and grab process which allows them to get the same functionality and experience as they would using your site on their laptop.

By configuring with smart phone applications, customers can enhance their overall shopping experience by scanning products from their fridge to their online shopping list.

If a customer happens to forget an important item form their original shopping list they can simply scan over the product using their smart phone and add it to an order, even after the order has already been placed – that’s innovation and experience working together to bring convenience and delight to your customer.

We enable your customers to gain the same benefits shopping through mobile as they would when shopping from their laptop and also ensure the same message transpires so they achieve the exact same feel from your brand on your mobile site

Can Mobile even augment the benefits of traditional online shopping??


The convenience of not having to travel to
a physical store

No need to search extensively for your favourite products

No queues!!

Time savings

Availability of real time price comparisons



Shop on the go, from anywhere

App-led smart features such as product scanning

Favourites section to solidify customer relationships and entice up-selling

Increased advertisement opportunities to boost your online revenue

A built in payment mechanism

Mobile is available at the point of creative inspiration

Mobile has the most accurate audience measurement

We have developed stylish and highly accessible mobile sites for a number of businesses which allow them to target those ‘on the go’ customers who they were previously finding it hard to serve fully. What’s more, we provided a defiant multi channel platform which expanded their sales avenues and tapped into modern market groups

Don’t hide from mobile unless you want your customers to hide from you

Despite the uncomfortable change which mobile may present, as we have displayed above, there are two key points to note which merit you and your company striving to overcome its obstacles and embrace mobile for your business.

Firstly, it is growing – exponential growth in the mobile sphere sees more and more consumers purchasing smart phone and tablets and both are being used increasingly to conduct research and shopping online. As network quality improves, and smart phones and their operating systems become more intuitive and user friendly, mobile will only continue to grow in popularity and retailers need to be prepared to latch on to this trend by offering their service in what is fast becoming the preferred mode of shopping.

Furthermore, mobile persists to evoke new opportunities to the business sphere from a commercial perspective, both in terms of the individual retailer and indeed the media. As we mentioned briefly above, mobile offers new potential through marketing. Media companies have new opportunities to monetise incremental consumption activity while retailers, and other brands which may utilise the retailer’s website through affiliate based activity, can optimise marketing campaigns for maximum effectiveness across multiple channels.

It all boils down to this: mobile tools as a device are growing, the natural progression is for mobile to become a preferred mode of research and shopping, thus, the time is nigh for retailers to get smarter about how their target customers are behaving in the multi-platform environment.