Grocery is different and BUY4NOW understands this

It has come about through years of research and hard work, significant challenge, and only after testing with numerous clients across multiple markets, but BUY4NOW has managed to acquire a prolific understanding of the eGrocery sphere.

We are positively confident that our years of experience, our successes, and indeed failures, or learning curves as we like to refer to them, have taught us how to meet the potent challenges eGrocery presents head on and overcome these to produce workable and impactful solutions for grocery retailers seeking to grow online.

eGrocery brings new obstacles and different requirements to the eCommerce arena, but we get this, and you can trust us on that

The stalwart element and premise of our now reliable and highly effective eGrocery platform was born out of a tongue in cheek comment made by a client in the former days of our history. It arose amidst a period when BUY4NOW was a novice business actively seeking new ways to serve the customer and stand out as a competent eCommerce provider.

The comment made by, a certain, Senator, Fergal Quinn on behalf of what was at the time his company, a grocery retailer you may be familiar with named, Superquinn, went a little something like this:

“How exactly do I get a chicken from the store through the customer’s letterbox?”

The comment gave all who were in attendance a little chuckle, but it also got our team thinking, grocery is different to general merchandise and therefore we need to change our model and our processes to accommodate this. Effectively our team set out to create a brand new solution which would focus specifically on the unique requirements inherent in online grocery shopping. After extensive research including meeting with grocery firms and grocery customers many distinct requirements came to the fore such as the need to keep products at a particular temperature, picking goods from store, ambient goods versus chilled and much more.

We began to work tirelessly to answer these questions and fit them into a new platform which would offer an end-to-end solution across a grocery specific domain. New technology development, grocery specific staff and tailored processes would contribute to offering a best-in-class solution to grocery retailers.

The real benefits of making your grocery eGrocery

Our unique and innovative grocery eCommerce model enables the grocery company to accomplish all the benefits aligned with an eCommerce solution and much more. Using our grocery solution will allow a client to enhance customer relationships and create greater loyalty among their customers who have an extra and, more convenient mode to express their patronage with the store. Furthermore, operating an eCommerce platform opens up opportunity for the company to tap into a new market of customers. Research has shown that by developing a transactional website which allows customers to purchase goods with speed and convenience from the comfort of their own home, the company are highly likely to acquire new customers, even those who generally shop elsewhere.

Our solutions power you online to power your business forward

Developing a new sales outlet for your business also enables your store to acquire some form of new identity while simultaneously maintaining and enhancing your brand identity. Appealing to new target audiences will mean adapting certain features of your branding and marketing, however, this can result in greater mass marketing for your company. A concomitant effect to mass marketing when developing an online store, ironically, is the potential for your business to target customers more specifically. So while your store becomes open to a wider audience online, you also have the ability to get closer to many of these customers and develop stronger and more personal relationships. By using a vast array of tools such as loyalty programmes and creating personalised shopping accounts, all features which accompany an eCommerce platform, greater loyalty is inspired from customers as well as a propensity to shop more, effectively meaning better sales. Our solutions power you online to power your business forward.

The phenomenal surge in popularity of smart phones has led us to add a new API layer to our platform. This layer allows us to build exciting and innovative new applications for phone, and in store use. This development stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and remaining at the forefront of the technology and eCommerce industries, concomitant to our desire and ability to stay in touch with consumer trends.

So, how do you get a chicken through a letterbox?...

let BUY4NOW show you...

It’s about noticing there are differences, identifying alternatives and responding rapidly to these alternatives. As a proactive and dynamic firm, BUY4NOW was able to evaluate needs, develop solutions and distribute an effective platform with efficiency and in so doing revolutionise the eGrocery industry.

Take a look at the unique properties of our eGrocery platform and see for yourself what has driven ultimate success for grocery retailers on the international scene including Ireland, the UK and the U.S.A., and makes the BUY4NOW brand stand defiantly in this intricate market.

Our innovation driving your growth

PICK4NOW (Picking Software Solution)

Offer your customer a helping hand

BUY4NOW has developed a picking software solution for eGrocery which offers a host of benefits to the grocery retailer. It consists of both the necessary software and hand held in-store terminals enabling dedicated pickers to fulfil customer orders. The recently upgraded and re-designed software is highly intuitive and impeccably user-friendly. It allows the retailer to plan orders and picking with structure and efficiency and ensure orders and overall processes of the online function are clinical and consistent, ultimately leading to greater customer satisfaction. This software is also intelligent and will integrate with most existing stock control systems.

The handhelds have been cleverly designed and emulate the advanced functionality and navigation capabilities inherent in a new cutting edge mobile device. The symbol infused applications and large viewing screens provide user friendly experiences for your staff and reduce errors occurring.

“A major benefit which has surfaced having analysed the software with our clients, and thus, something we have aimed to perfect in recent re-development is the flexibility of the PICK4NOW software”

The process is made extremely simple and transparent throughout. The software routes orders to pickers who are informed which products they need to pick and where exactly they are to be placed so they can be properly sorted, grouped and delivered. The software will even go as far as to advise the picker on what is the most efficient route to pick the products on their list.

A major benefit which has surfaced having analysed the software with our clients, and thus, something we have aimed to perfect in recent re-development is the flexibility of the PICK4NOW software. Crucially, it will allow your staff to administer substitutions and also to highlight items which are out of stock. The feature is doubly effective as once the information is entered in the device the order is updated accordingly on the site and the customer will also receive an email update into their inbox.


PCI Compliant - more trust for you to build with

Security is an absolute priority when it comes to catering for online orders. We understand the reservations that consumers and retailers alike may have when it comes to keeping sensitive information confidential in the open and ambiguous online sphere. This is exactly why, at BUY4NOW, we strive to do everything we need to and more to achieve this security for your customers and your business. One major way to do this is through our PCI compliance.

It is not an easy feat to achieve, but we consistently meet the rigorous standards put in place by the Payment Cards Industry Security Standards Council. This allows us to increase controls around credit card details and ultimately reduce credit card fraud. We see it as essential to maintain our high standards so as to continually minimise fraudulent activity to induce close to zero fail and enable trust to build between you and your customers. We apply our rules to the latest standard of PCI, 2.0 created in 2010. It includes some of the following requirements:

Install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect cardholder data

Protect user card holder data

Use and regularly update anti-virus software on all systems commonly affected by malware

Tokenisation process

Removing more stress for your business

The consumer’s payment credit card details are tokenised at the point they submit their details in the online checkout. The card details are securely vaulted through a payment gateway and a token is returned by that vault to recognise the order. Later at the point of charge, that token, the final charge amount, is used to settle the payment on the consumer’s card. This method means only the token ever travels through the in-store systems, thus, removing them from the scope of PCI compliance.

Get the customer experience right! - Storage and delivery

Ambient vs. Chilled goods - fresh results

Our processes are outlined with that crucial tenet in mind; the customer experience. All charged orders are allocated to a delivery truck within OFS4NOW and are packed based on labelled, ambient, chilled and frozen totes identifying each consumer’s orders. it is not just about getting the consumer's goods to their door and getting them their on time, We also ensure that the structure in place will get these goods to the consumer's door in the exact same condition and layout as if they had picked them personally in the store themselves. Products will be carefully laid out and stored before and during delivery and arrive on the customer's kitchen table as prime and fresh as could be.

CMS Integration

Personalise the visit

BUY4NOW can integrate fully with your loyalty or content system and populate key customer data on to your site. When registering, a customer can be embraced by personalised information on past in-store purchases, making that first visit so much easier and their return visit a memorable and pleasant experience.

Multi-channel fulfilment

Click and collect, reserve slots, all in a minute's shopping!

The customer has the flexibility to plan and work around their shopping through multi-fulfilment ordering. They can choose to shop online and collect in store (click and collect) or shop online and have their goods delivered straight to their door. They also have the luxury to tailor their shopping process by choosing across multiple order dimensions including basket value, location of store and day and time of order. The picking and storage will be done according to these delivery decisions and all in the name of achieving customer satisfaction.