Grocery is different and BUY4NOW understands this

Buying and selling groceries is different than buying anything else. If you work in the supermarket industry you instinctively know that to be true. Even if you don’t work in the supermarket industry you have been to the supermarket thousands of times since you were born and can understand the deep psychological impact that the supermarket has on us. 

The process of acquiring food is such an elemental part of our existence that we often don’t stop to question how different it is from other shopping experiences. The customer mind-set, their expectations, their habits, their triggers and the nature of what is being bought makes the process of food shopping a unique experience.

Why then, do some software companies treat online grocery shopping as just another type of eCommerce? Larger baskets, greater amount of order editing, frequent price changes, fluctuating product availability, short fulfilment windows, nuanced nutritional information, complex promotions and loyalty programmes are just some of the ways in which the grocery industry is very different than other retail verticals, yet some eCommerce companies try to shoe-horn a non-food solution into the weird and wonderful world of grocery.

The fulfilment process is also very different: store-based picking is the most cost-effective, responsive approach to fulfilment, but it comes with its own set of challenges. It is important that your fulfilment system is easy-to-use and takes account of the (frequently changing) layout of each store, that it minimises the disruption to in-store customers and that it creates efficiencies throughout the process.

In such a low-margin industry, providing an eCommerce solution that reacts and responds to the unique front-end and back-end challenges of the grocery industry is the difference between a profitable and unprofitable solution. Talk to BUY4NOW and explore a solution that has processed millions of grocery eCommerce orders.