Hosting/Managed Service

BUY4NOW - A provider you can rely on

When it comes to security and reliability for your website, we set high priority to this feature. We invest heavily in this area because we understand how important it is to our clients. From meeting with clients two key points tend to reverberate through to our staff in relation to site hosting. Firstly, assurance that a consistently high functional site can be kept in place to remove the threat of regular failure which will avert stress and ensure the client’s sales avenue can be secured.

Furthermore, clients are beginning to understand the need to replicate the consistent positive experience they create offline on their website which a well hosted and reliable site can contribute to. In fact, with trust being such a vital factor when it comes to eCommerce, a sphere still revered by many consumers with ambiguity, providing a webstore experience for the consumer which is as free as possible from flaws is crucial to building on this nascent but fickle level of trust for your customer and avoiding attrition.

All of your product solutions with BUY4NOW will be hosted within the indelible BUY4NOW data centre. The centre is located in the established Eircom datacentre in Citywest, Dublin, where it is compliant with ISO 27001 quality standards.

Our own rack space in the advanced hosting arena provides us with an Enterprise Hosting platform that has complete redundancy from a hardware and software perspective. This shared service platform guarantees BUY4NOW a baseline minimum of 99.5% for availability ensuring our client’s sites are consistently secure and giving you the peace of mind that your service is reliable.

In fact, in practice, our research results show the figure for availability is in excess of 99.9%. Furthermore, we have a monitoring function in place to compound the reliability of the platform. It is analysed both internally and externally using automated tools, and alerts are in place and are generated to the BUY4NOW development team in the event of an issue.

How may we help you

Of course our own personnel are on hand to provide support for any issues that do arise. We designate certain members of staff to the support function at all times meaning your site is supported by expert technicians 24/7, 365. With the knowledge that your site is secure and can be dependable for you and your customers, you can get on with doing the things that interest you most and that you have proven success at such as meeting your customer’s most pressing demands.

Keep your customers longing to come back for more

If you’ve been sifting through our site, you probably know the deal at this stage – yes, we believe that our success is your success and vice versa, and yes, we are more than just a provider, we become your partner and we strive not just to get your business online, but to get more from your business once there.

Essentially, we empower you to challenge your industry, combat the challenges, break through and reach out to consumers, and ultimately, develop a base of customers who are pleased by the service experience you provide them online and who are enticed to visit again, and maybe even bring some friends back with them.

So besides all the highly technical stuff we cater for which enables a fast and functional site, apart from the integration capabilities we enable making your platform well rounded and easy to integrate with and even withholding our formidable hosting and support services, what can we do to add the zing to your site and create some buzz around your online store?


Fuse the creative merchandising capabilities we afford with the technical ability of our analytics function. Analyse your detailed reports to assess customer trends and specify what certain customers are doing on your site. Use these details to define customer groups and then populate them through our easy to use content manager based on many key variables including purchase behaviour, visits, length of stay, location and more. This feature enables you to track the lifecycle of your customers, stay in tune with their changes and new demands and change their experience appropriately, dynamically adapting key customer groups.

Define your audience
Control your brand

Content Management

We equip you to take direct control over the content placed on your site. Our intuitive and accessible content manager enables you access all HTML and CSS assets through the content system where you can easily input new content and amend and rebrand your site in a timely and efficient fashion while also seamlessly improving the site’s relevance and effectiveness.

Adept navigation

As we design your site we strongly consider the layout and structure keeping in mind how the customer is going to journey through your store. Thoughtful and creative layout will initiate guided navigation enabling your consumers to easily find the most relevant products with little time or effort required. The buyer’s pleasant experience is compounded by the search function we allow you to build directly in to your product catalogue. Enabling the search facility means you can manage and index your products under one single provision and without the need for further integration. Your site search engine is powerful as it provides for guided search and browsing and caters for many supporting attributes including explicit price groupings, relevancy ranking, product ranking, filtering through specific searches and synonym dictionaries.

Help guide the customer to where they want to go
Transform those visits to sales

Promote your goods

Your inventory levels will remain up to date and highly visible as they can be viewed across multiple locations and remain accurate via constant communication with our backend systems administering real-time analysis and frequent job schedule.

You can promote products anywhere on your site through creative banners which are easily developed in your content manager. Add in ratings and review features to enhance the product status and further engage your visitors. Discounts and coupons can be easily assigned to products and administered to be implemented and dis-engaged at certain times depending on your seasonal needs.

Targeting core customers

BUY4NOW has recently partnered with one of the most innovative and proactive eCommerce merchandising tools on the market, SDL Fredhopper. Together with this rules based marketing firm we can allow a retailer and their marketing team to delve deeper into their customer’s visit to their site and truly optimise the buyer’s experience in terms of value offered and conversions gained. Some of the key features of this capability for your site would include:

Dynamic product displays which provide active guidance through your store and dynamically orders shelves to aid the consumer to reach what they are seeking for much quicker.

Marketing control will provide you with the basis to create ranking rules, display relevant results and underscore popular or new items based on the particular profile of your audience.

Related products and categories will enable you to solidify the customer’s profile and encourage up and cross selling on repeat visits. The more personal and relevant information which is shared with the consumer means more potential to create customer loyalty in the medium term.

Personalise for profitability