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Embrace the digital age

It is only now, as the digital revolution has reignited and indeed begins to rise, that media and businesses are recognising the huge potential the online and digital sphere represents, and the majority, are finally, embracing the digital age.

To compound our general feeling for the growth of E- and M-Commerce and the belief that a fertile ground is being laid for their future, let’s take a minute to look at some important and telling statistics:

Europeans spend an average of nearly 27 hours online per month

North Americans are spending an average of almost 43 hours online each month

3 out of the top 5 fastest growing content categories viewed in Europe on the web are retail focused

In Europe, over 14 percent of smartphone users purchased goods and services via their device

The number of unique online visitors in Europe for 2012 reached 408.3 million, an increase of 7% on the previous year


ComScore (2013) Europe Digital Future in Focus 2013

Prepare yourself for the “Brave New
Digital World”


It is both relevance and importance that a search engine responds to. So, how do you make your content relevant and how do make it important??... good questions!

There are a number of steps that can be taken to aid this dubious task and to drive your content into the customer’s viewpoint.

Our content team can assist you to:

Keyword Research

Conduct a GAP analysis to adapt to new customer trends

Take your business understanding and synopsise

Compile a list of potential keywords based on client and business research

Assess competitive vs long tail terms

Optimise your site for these keywords


We have in-depth knowledge on how to construct links so as to enable search engine spiders to quickly browse through your site pathways. We can advise on HTML do’s and don’ts, optimal anchor text, meta data design and much more.


We endeavour to get your site in shape from the beginning so it has a solid foundation to apply best SEO practices to. Our expert development team will create code for your new website with some crucial points in mind, such as: avoiding crawl errors; ensuring page load speed; enabling robots.txt files and implementing site maps to make your site more crawlable – the end result is a solidified platform to embrace and conquer SEO.

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In Europe, over 14 percent of smartphone users purchased goods and services via their device
ComScore (2013),
Mobile Future in Focus 2013
The number of unique online visitors in Europe for 2012 reached 408.3 million, an increase of 7% on the previous year
ComScore (2013),
Mobile Future in Focus 2013
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To increase visibility and specifically target key customer groups marketers and retailers alike use Pay Per Click advertising as one of their main and most effective digital strategies. PPC gives retailers the power to send highly relevant and timely messages to their key customers across the web.

The ability to target specific groups while they are engaged in a search directly related to your products or services means heightened brand awareness, better correlation between the customer’s needs and your offering which also induces trust, and increased potential for achieving fluid sales in a given day.

Using the method efficiently and effectively can make this model an intricate one with optimal implementation requiring much fine tuning. BUY4NOW have extensive experience working with Google Adwords and in designing PPC campaigns. We can help you to plan, develop and measure your strategies ensuring your costs are properly managed and that your ads are actually reaching the appropriate audiences.

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Email Marketing

Whatever reservations you may have about the effectiveness of email as part of your online marketing strategy today, the truth of the matter is email as a digital tool still works. Email works because it has the discernible ability to reach a wide customer base and make a significant overall impact for your business.

Email campaigns delivered from dynamic retailers are often innovative and impeccably astute and they lead to immaculate results for their business. Some of the prime affects for your business could include:

Increased brand awareness

Getting key messages out into the market

Generate leads

Drive online sales

Retain existing customers

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Social Commerce

As more and more people immerse themselves in social media and become engulfed in this new community for everything from friendly interactions to research to brand promotion, social networking is genuinely transforming how people shop. With over 500 million Facebook users, 140 million Tweets every day and more than 2 billion views in YouTube per day, tapping into this conclave of shoppers evokes considerable opportunity for the modern retailer.

BUY4NOW have the capability and knowledge to aid you in your social media adventure. For many, it may feel like a journey into the unknown, but as a BUY4NOW client you can alleviate your fears and avail of the expert advice our content and marketing team have to offer. BUY4NOW can help businesses:

Encourage customers to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ your brand

Understand and implement clever Facebook advertising

Target users by key demographics and issue specific promotions

Enable customers to become ‘involved’ in your business process through product reviews and ratings

Expand your reach rapidly and with no cost through viral marketing and by getting customers to share their purchase with their friends and family

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Affiliate Marketing

Many of our team members have industry knowledge of affiliate marketing programmes and are equipped to offer you advice on how to get involved in an affiliate programme and have insight into the major players in the market.

We can help you choose a programme to suit your business strategy and provide you with a grounding to create long term advertising partnerships designed to drive long-term regular, qualified traffic to generate leads and increase sales. We can inform on best practices and make you aware of important regulations in the affiliate space.

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Display Advertising

The display world is indeed powerful opening retailers up to further methods to target customers with relevant and creative content. Ads can integrate with the social community, embed your brand in the target audience and present an immediate call to action for your customers while they are actively searching the web.

However, the display environment persists to be a highly intricate space, especially as marketers attempt to find homogeneity and streamline digital with traditional advertising.

Our expert marketing personnel can provide guidance for this anomaly by using their knowledge and experience to help you:

Identify your target audience and where they are shopping online

Plan how to target them depending on your brand strategy, and help you understand the benefits of, for example, homepage takeovers; floating ads; and leader/MPU banners

Decide what various display channels you will use such as direct publishing; sales houses; and value or blind networks

Enable customers to become ‘involved’ in your business process through product reviews and ratings

Set campaign objectives

Establish early goals/KPI’s

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Visit our Resources section to look at the benefits of digital marketing competence for your brand in more detail and to discover some of the latest trends and happenings causing a stir in the digital world which may affect your business.