Client Services

Our customer research has revealed to us that one of the most important aspects of our service, which greatly helps to uphold their continued satisfaction, is the close partnership we have established with them.

They tell us that not only do we strive to stay in touch with the them after their new project goes live, but that we make it easy for them to fully partake in our work process and become involved in the relationship.

According to our clients our client relations is one of the things we do best, for us this is fantastic news because from the foundation of our organisation, meeting the customer half way was one of the premises which underscored our philosophy for driving forward as a unique eCommerce provider in the IT arena.

The great news doesn’t mean we’re going to sit back and revel in the wonder of being considered ‘friendly’ and having good ‘social capabilities’, instead we aim to copper fasten the strengths this activity offers and make this competency even more core to our work. Essentially, if you tell us you like something we’ll keep doing it and the more we do it the better we’ll get at it.

BUY4NOW don’t just develop a platform for you and hand it over, they bring you right into the picture from the very start. They provide you with the best the eCommerce industry has to offer in terms of technology and processes, but best of all, their expertise and continued guidance empowers you to take your business exactly where you want it to go

Let’s take a closer look at how BUY4NOW underpin our client ethos in what we do.

Business Analysis

We have dedicated Business Analysts who’s main obligation, as the title suggests, is to conduct business analysis for your online venture. Primarily, their objective will be to ensure your site is ready for launch. They strive to review your site before launch and only give it to thumbs up once stringent measures and the key BUY4NOW best practices are met. Their job is also to keep you involved as much as possible throughout the process.

Your needs and your goals are held as top priority but we aim to blend them with the processes which experience and knowledge has thought us will work best for your business. Testing by our Quality Assurance personnel works to meet the high quality standards we promote before we invite wider user testing in preparation for launch of a flawless platform which can hit the ground running.

Brain Storming

With the client at the centre of what we do, it wouldn’t make sense to even consider beginning a project without meeting with you and discussing your strategy and our plans together in detail. We sit down at the very beginning and tease out as much as we possibly can in terms of what your business does and what our your objectives and goals targets for your online venture.

However, this collaboration doesn’t end there, in fact, it only begins, and throughout the process we continue to meet when possible and remain in regular contact in order to keep your requirements and your vision at the centre of the project.

We inform you of any issues with certain features, new thoughts by development or industry practices. We possess experience, knowledge and great creativity, but it can only truly flourish once it is combined with an understanding of your culture and feeds off your own ideas. We trust your vision because it is your idea that is going online, just as we hope you trust our ability to power your idea forward.


We have no interest in just taking a blueprint off you and putting a site together. We’ll get the job done and we’ll get it done as quickly as possible, but we’ll do it right!

We have developed advanced technological tools to tie together a quality solution for you. However, our ultimate aim isn’t to distribute these tools and sit back once your site goes live. We genuinely endeavour to go further, to follow your progress and do our best to ensure you gain success, as we’ve said before; your success is our success.

Part of this ambition is to empower you to make it big online. We are committed to involving you in the process, but instead of placing the burden fully on you, we give you control and ability to achieve. We provide in-depth training on all our various products allowing for flexibility and seamless interaction with your site and your client.

Furthermore, continual training is available to keep your business up to date with new systems, feature changes to your platform and latest industry devices. This is all provided by the dedicated Account Manager we assign to you once your site is launched.

Support – Always On

Our development team are trained to deal with technical issues in an astute and timely manner. Keeping your site in shape is a key priority of all our technical staff and with specific team members devoted to particular groups of clients you can be assured that your site will get the attention and consistent support it deserves, by expert and highly qualified staff.

All of our technical personnel are drilled to follow specific processes when it comes to handling site issues and with our own quality team and support software working in tandem to keep our tech guys in the loop, your problems can be sorted quickly and seamlessly. Furthermore, with a dedicated support staff in operation you can trust us to be available for assistance 24/7.


Bounding on our training services comes our consulting facility. We invite you to take advantage of the endless expertise and knowledge we have floating about, especially amongst our energetic and passionate marketing and content team. They specialise in staying up to date with the industry and maintain commercial awareness across all the different sectors we serve.

They are quite happy, some even ecstatic, about sharing their knowledge and insights with you over any market analysis you may have in mind, as well as business and marketing aims for your website. Your account manager is always on hand to help make the process that little bit easier by attending to your concerns or any uncertainties you have with your operations.

They will also meet with you intermittingly throughout the year to deliver reports on your online process and issue recommendations for future practice based on their awareness, critical thinking and strategic analysis in the digital sphere.

The partnership circle

Every retailer wants the best possible quality standard for their new site. Getting it up there is one thing, making it functional, attractive and noticeable is a completely other ball game. Of course, reaching this optimum level is highly attainable, the only issue is, it usually requires significant extra costs and a dramatic extension of time loading for the delivery of your site to get there – financial resources and patience which a lot of retailers just can’t afford to dispense of.

Why BUY4NOW truly stands out is its ability to take this unnecessary hassle out of the client’s eCommerce endeavour.

Our end-to-end, industry leading solutions are fast, scalable, secure, stylish, all that great stuff you want, but the key is they are robust in that they bring everything you need together in one platform, and what’s more; they’re all included in the initial fee- no hidden costs, no need to source numerous different providers. Not only do we cater for most of your requirements, anything we don’t manage internally, we have available in our expansive network of partners.

We have partnered with a plethora of partners right across the eCommerce spectrum ensuring you get access to pre-built integrations from the community of best in breed third party technology sources along with the BUY4NOW eCommerce platform. We have built close and lasting relationships with partners in core areas comprising payment gateway systems such as Paypal; security like Verisign and data integration including SAP. The idea is that by combining all of our expertise and resources together we can produce success, a success shared by BUY4NOW, our partners, and of course, you, the client.

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