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All our solutions are delivered with the client and their customer in mind. Most projects will vary depending on different requirements, and all will present significant challenges, both market and technical, for our team to overcome. But we work tirelessly, and fervently apply shrewd vision and expertise to break down boundaries and ensure that no solution is devised unless we believe we can empower our client to make a real impact with their online platform. Take a look at some of the different ways in which BUY4NOW has helped brands across numerous industries penetrate their market and breed success for their business – always a tailored solution, always a way forward.

Arnotts - The Company

Tracing its roots back to 1843, Arnotts is Ireland 's oldest department store. Now as a result of recent extension and redevelopment it is also Ireland 's largest department store with a selling area of some 300,000 square feet. Its present size sees it ranked in the top five stores in Britain and Ireland, alongside such icons of international retailing as Harrods and Selfridges.

The Challenge

Recognising the opportunities developing with the rapid growth of the internet in Ireland, Arnotts Department store was well positioned to take advantage. With a reputation as Ireland's leading department store, any online presence had to reflect not only the quality retailing for which Arnotts was known, but also to provide a profitable retail channel for the brand.

Solution and Success

Arnotts had no delivery or catalogue business and no legacy systems to integrate. The site had to reflect the exclusive brand which had been developed since 1843. It had to provide easy to use site navigation and shopability for both domestic and international clientele.

An in-store picking solution was designed, whereby orders were picked within the store itself. The full BUY4NOW Technology Group software suite was installed into Arnotts, which enabled Arnotts to pick, pack and process orders as efficiently as possible. With no requirement to hold stock in a warehouse facility, the internet operations could be managed and maintained with minimum staffing and space requirements.

In mid-2004, BUY4NOW developed an online Wedding List facility for Arnotts. Working with the existing Wedding List software and store systems, BUY4NOW Technology Group developed a new sub-site for the Arnotts Wedding List. Allowing their extensive Wedding List customers the added service of online purchasing, has proven a massive success for the store, with over 45% of all Wedding Lists sales now being made online.

In November 2009 Arnotts launched a new website, developed by the BUY4NOW Technology Group which was fully integrated with their Oracle Retail ERP solution. The new site with over 10,000 products provides their customers with a true multi-channel experience.

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Clive Ranger - The Company

Clive Ranger are a Welsh based jewellery retail with stores in Cardiff, Bath, Swansea and Cribbcauseway. An authoritative source of fine diamonds, Clive Ranger have over 30 years’ experience in the Diamond retail business and specialise in the design and manufacture of jewellery which is then sold directly to the public through retail shops.

The Challenge

Clive ranger had been operating a transactional website for over 5 years before making the change to the BUY4NOW eCommerce platform. While originally happy with their website it suffered from chronic underperformance and suffered from high bounce rates and low sales despite generating solid visitor traffic. The backend software had a limited CMS tool and Clive Ranger were beholden to their provider when they required banner changes and changes to the site. Clive Ranger also has a robust back-office solution which needed to be integrated into the new platform to allow for seamless and reliable price, stock and products updates to appear online.

Integration Requirements

Clive Ranger use Futura as their Epos and back-office systems provider. Futura provide customer service, inventory and supply chain management and point of sale software to Retailers throughout the UK.

Solution and Success launched in October 2012 and immediately sales and customer dwell time improved. The site launched with a new look and feel that was more representative of the Clive Ranger brand and thanks to the flexibility of the BUY4NOW CMS tool, Clive Ranger are able to update the branding and merchandising messages on the site on a regular basis by themselves.

The addition of a strong homepage, product pages that encourage the visitor to buy and a simpler checkout all contribute to a more powerful site that delivers a much better customer experience.

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3 Mobile - The Company

3 is Europe's leading video mobile (3G) operator and was the first to offer 3G services to European customers. In Ireland, 3 has built a new video mobile (3G) network, to offer a convergence of media, information and telephony to enable live video calls, multimedia content and entertainment while on the move. 3 currently have the widest population coverage for 3G in Ireland.

3 are owned by Hutchison Whampoa Group, a multi-national company with a successful track record in global telecommunications. Hutchison Whampoa also holds 3G licenses in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Norway, Sweden and the UK and has more than 11 million customers worldwide.

BUY4NOW worked with Hutchinson to deliver a transactional website for 3 in the Republic of Ireland.

The Challenge

In 2005, the international mobile company 3 were about to expand into the lucrative Irish market. They wanted to create a website that not only promoted the wealth of content and services which they would be offering to Irish consumers, but they also wanted to provide their customers with an online sales channel.

3 selected BUY4NOW as a company that could uniquely provide a complete “end to end” solution, combining software and services to facilitate the retail, telesales, online and logistics operations.

Integration Requirements

BUY4NOW provide 3 with managed services based on a dedicated hosting platform with disaster recovery. All business in Ireland is supported by BUY4NOW. BUY4NOW supports pay as you go and complicated contract sales. Address validation and fraud management/credit checking are key in this retail environment.

The BUY4NOW offering is mission critical, without BUY4NOW services could not operate in the Irish market place for both their online and oine channels.

BUY4NOW Technology Group implements and manages our multichannel eCommerce solution. They provide a great service with quick turnaround times and innovative solutions for our business needs
Head of IT, 3 Mobile

Solution and Success

3 currently process in excess of €100 million per annum through the platform and services solution provided by BUY4NOW.

All three ways to purchase a 3 mobile package utilise BUY4NOW Software and services:


For in-store sales, BUY4NOW provide each store with credit checking software. This feeds into the 3 corporate servers and accepts or refuses a potential customer.


For Telesales BUY4NOW provide telesales software which allows users to take orders and process the order through to credit check and approval or rejection. BUY4NOW software also sends the completed telesales order through to the warehouse for fulfilment.


For 3’s Online / eCommerce offer BUY4NOW provide the actual Online Store which is built on the SHOP4NOW platform. Online Credit Checking software and interfaces with the 3 systems, Call Centre services and Content Management Services.

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Shoe Rack - The Company

Shoe Rack are a women’s fashion shoe retailer based out of Dublin Ireland. Shoe Rack has 11 Stores across Ireland and Concession Outlets in Various Store Groups.

The Challenge

Although Shoe Rack had been trading online with a transactional site for a number of years, conversion rates were low even though visitor numbers remained high. The challenge for BUY4NOW was to utilise the extended functionality of the BUY4NOW platform to make the new Shoe Rack site as “sticky” as possible and to make the checkout more seamless and barrier free. The inclusion of “recently viewed items” and “you may also like” features drive up the average order value, the addition of a guest checkout and simpler checkout pages helped reduce bounce rates at the checkout.

Shoe Rack’s ability to merchandise the homepage and additional content pages was very limited on their existing platform. With the BUY4NOW SHOP4NOW CMS solution, Shoe Rack have the exibility to change the look and feel of their homepage and are able to present visitors with a fresh look and new oers on a regular basis. Shoe Rack also has the capability with the BUY4NOW CMS to add additional product images and 360 degree product video which increase the customers dwell time.

Integration Requirements

In order to make management of the site as seamless as possible, Shoe Rack had a requirement for price, stock, sku, style and other product attributes to be fed from their back-office systems directly into the BUY4NOW systems. BUY4NOW provided Shoe Rack with a data format with which we were able to lock down a seamless transfer of data from Shoe Rack’s system into the eCommerce system.

Interestingly, to further cut down on their workload in relation to taking photographs of each new line of shoes and accessories, re-sizing the images and loading them onto the web, Shoe Rack invested in an automatic photo machine which takes 360 degree videos and all of the relevant “web friendly” images required for each product. Shoe Rack needed this devices’ software to talk to the BUY4NOW system so that the images and video for each product would automatically load into the relevant folders and systems.

The new website allows us to keep our customers up-to-date with all that's new in Shoe Rack and incorporates a number of new features that have led to higher conversion rates and a better customer experience, the integrated nature of the software means a tried and tested solution and the project was delivered on time and to our complete satisfaction
Director of Shoe Rack

Solution and Success

Since going live with the new site in June of 2011, Shoe Rack has reported a 250% increase in online sales over the previous year and a jump in the overall conversion rate.

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Superquinn - The Company

Superquinn is a chain of 24 grocery stores which have operated in Ireland since 1960.

The Challenge

By early 2000 there were strong indicators that Tesco were developing an online channel for the Irish marketplace. Since all Irish grocers had already felt the impact of the multinational within the Irish market, any move into the online arena could represent a further cannibalization of the market. With Tesco having already developed a successful online operation in the UK but not in Ireland, it was imperative for Superquinn to be “first to market” in the Irish online arena.

For Superquinn, with a reputation for quality and innovation, the challenge was to create an online grocery website and operation that was both profitable and maintained the level of quality and service for which Superquinn was known. This website would then be used to win the “early adopters” who were already clamouring for an online grocery service. This challenge was helped by the fact that, by October 2000, Superquinn launched the first online grocery site in the Irish market.

Integration Requirements

Grocery implementations are very complex and often involve multiple systems. In the case of Superquinn a tight integration between the ecommerce platform and Sap Retail, NCR EPoS, a Loyalty system and a provider of grocery images and nutritional information (Brandbank) was delivered by BUY4NOW.

BUY4NOW technology group’s eCommerce platform powers our on line eGrocery solution, a customer channel that is key to our on-going success
Online Channel Director, Superquinn

Solution and Success

Superquinn had a limited home delivery service already in place. However this facility did not cater for delivering chilled or frozen food. An in-store picking solution was designed, whereby orders were picked and stored in 6 Dublin-based stores. Using the addresses provided at registration, customers were assigned to a store, where their order was picked, staged and made ready to deliver. The full BUY4NOW software suite was installed into Superquinn stores and Support Office so that staff could pick, pack and deliver orders as efficiently as possible and Support Office could monitor all aspects of the operation. In September 2009 Superquinn launched their new and improved corporate, rewards and shopping sites.

With their customers in mind there was a focus on usability and additional features to help assist in an even better shopping experience.

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Supervalu - The Company

SuperValu is part of the largest food and grocery distributor in Ireland, Musgrave Retail Partners, who have an annual turnover is excess of €4 billion Euro. All 194 SuperValu stores are franchises and are all owned locally, making them a real part of their communities, and as such Musgraves did not want to deny those communities the benefits that come from a large chain of stores which would provide their customers with a strong online shopping experience.

Musgraves issued an RFP to provide an online eCommerce RFP for the SuperValu stores. After an extensive procurement phase, BUY4NOW and ATG were short listed.

BUY4NOW were chosen as the eCommerce provider largely due to our strong reference sites and one stop shop offering. The requirement was to develop a solution that catered for the specifics of a franchise organisation and could scale to a rollout of 100+ stores.

The Challenge

A lot of the requirements identied in this RPF, re local branch (micro sites) and local lines etc… have been developed for SuperValu to cater for their franchisee requirements. It is important for your existing customers to identify with the branch they currently purchase from. BUY4NOW included functionality to enhance the “local” flavor of the site, for example the visitor can view their local store, click on an image of the owner/manager or the “Your local store” button and be taken to a micro site with store details including opening hour etc…

Integration Requirements

Grocery implementations are very complex and often involve integration with multiple ERP and other back-office systems. As part of this project with SuperValu, BUY4NOW have integrated with both Aldata Gold (ERP), The Logic Group Loyalty, Brandbank and 2 separate EPoS Suppliers.

Solution and Success

All though the site is fully integrated with Aldata Gold merchandising solution, the local store has the ability to add and maintain local lines. Most retailers have specic needs re site navigation, SuperValu choose to implement, a top bar mega menu which is intuitive and easy to use.

SuperValu was initially piloted to family and friends in four stores and is now rolled out to 100+ stores nationwide.

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Heatons - The Company

Heatons is one of Ireland’s largest department stores with 52 stores nationwide. Many of Heaton’s close competitors have already gone online and Heatons believed developing a brand new online platform was going to be an essential component if they were to challenge successfully in their industry online.

The Challenge

Customer attrition was rising as a result of the transition of many customers to online competitors. The challenge was to regain market share by attracting more loyal customers who could enhance their shopping with the added value of a convenient and quick online store.

Heatons also wanted to satisfy online orders from both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and this would require a large and intricate order fulfilment programme to be put in place.

Integration Requirements

The Heatons ERP system is Island Pacific which is a leading supplier of merchandising and store operations and retail point of sale solutions for multi-store Specialty Retail chains. In order to efficiently process online orders Heatons required a tight integration between Island Pacific and the BUY4NOW integrated order fulfilment system. BUY4NOW have in fact set up two systems, one to manage the orders for the republic of Ireland site and another to deal with those orders made through the Northern Ireland site. Product and order information passes seamlessly between the two systems.

Solution and Success

The success of the solution was evident early on. During their first three months online with BUY4NOW Heatons achieved signicant sales results. The online channel has made Heatons products, which are unique to their store, accessible to consumers outside of their physical store range.

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