General Merchandise

BUY4NOW Technology Group currently supply eCommerce solutions to a range of retailers spanning across a vast array of sectors. This group of clients trusting our eCommerce solutions is steadily growing both in the UK and Ireland as well as other international markets and includes some of the most established and high profile brands in their respective industries.

Combining our experience and expertise with a skilled and focused team, we have consistently delivered high class solutions which have enabled greater brand identity and more targeted marketing for your company along with a more comprehensive business strategy yielding positive impact for that bottom line.

BUY4NOW run their eCommerce platform off the Software as a Service (SaaS) model leveraging the immense power of cloud computing. Our industry leading platform has delivered success time and time again, launching or enhancing retailers into the eCommerce sphere where it begins to make an immediate and tangible difference to their business.

Opening up new sales revenues, tapping in to new markets or optimising customer relationships, all the while increasing efficiencies doesn’t just happen, it’s made work through combatable, expertly designed and tailored solutions to suit your needs.

We’re not just building a site for you...

The key to achieving these real results is the strength and depth of our general merchandise platform. The complete and robust nature of our GM platform attends to the utmost needs of the retailer all the while considerably reducing the auxiliary processes which may have otherwise burdened your business if it had to source its requirements from multiple providers, including cost, time and resource savings.

Our dedicated and comprehensive solution enables you to concentrate on your core business processes while your online venture blends seamlessly into your overall operations. Whether you are also a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ retailer or not, our platform will help to create a cohesive strategy, developing synergy among your different units and which emanates energy and bounds on your own panache to make results happen.

The BUY4NOW eCommerce platform is essentially defined by five key components which attend to your greatest eCommerce requirements, added to these is the customisation we can apply for you dependent on your specific needs and goals.

Each part of the unique BUY4NOW platform has been designed by our own skilled development team and done so with two key objectives in mind:


To meet the core requirements of the eCommerce process in one combined solution.


Stay ahead of the competition and provide a cutting edge website capable of making an immediate impact.

Our product suite is also continually reviewed and has recently undergone a significant re-development, enhancing core elements of the entire process. By staying close to our clients and the industry we can analyse trends, anticipate needs and amend our product offering appropriately transferring the benefits directly to your business online.

Let’s take a closer look at each facet of the BUY4NOW GM End-to-End solution below

BUY4NOW Software - The Full Solution

What will a General Merchandise solution with BUY4NOW guarantee for your business?


An accessible and intuitive software package

Competent merchandising order tracking and fulfilment

Secure transactions

Capability to integrate existing back office processes to new system

A cutting edge storefront

User friendly website

High functionality

Rich media

Industry leading designs

Branding promotion


24/7 hosting

Always on maintenance and support


Quick turnaround for site development and timely response on queries

Dynamic marketing


Report production

Dedicated Account Manager

SEO and digital marketing advice

SHOP4NOW (Content Management System)

The BUY4NOW content manager is designed to provide you and your employees with the ability to control the look, feel and effect of your website. The system is genuinely crafted with the user in mind, and thus, it is an ultra-accessible and user friendly application enabling timely and seamless design and implementation of content for your site.

The content manager can be handled by your own staff who are empowered to enhance your site’s aesthetic qualities, keep your content fresh and up to date and stay in touch with the consumer, furthering those all important customer relationships.

Some of the key features which allow your staff to manage the site are:

The ability to directly manage and augment your online storefront, including adding rich product descriptions, changing pricing, vouchers and special offers

Easily add products, change category names at will and deleted products and categories

Change the background of the site to reflect merchandising goals

Cross sell by setting up referential products

Display recently viewed items

Insert promotional banners, control banner timings and activations

Test changes on a Beta site before making them live on the web

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OFS4NOW (Order Fulfilment System)
Order Fulfilment System

This robust software is the lincdihpin of your BUY4NOW eCommerce platform. The system effectively acts as your engine as it handles the multitude of orders your store may need to process in any given period. The software promotes interconnectivity whereby the retailer can receive and process their customers’ orders in a timely manner, and customers can subsequently monitor the progress of their order through automated emails and updates to the retailer’s website.

The intuitive device informs you, the retailer at every iteration of the process. For example, you can quickly assess how many orders are contained in the system and what status they are at. Any printed material corresponding to the orders are integrated into OFS4NOW and will be generated based on their order status. Likewise, necessary email communication sent to a customer on completion of critical stages in the order chain, such as out of stock, shipped, delayed etc. are stored and automatically generated by OFS4NOW. This increases transparency for the retailer and the customer and also greatly enhances efficiencies for our client who saves in valuable cost, time and operational resources.

Our OFS4NOW software increases visibility throughout the process as all relevant parties can interact with the automated system through the internet. As OFS4NOW is fully integrateable with our other software, effectively, the delivery company, supply house and even the customer can all view orders in real time in, for example, HELP4NOW.

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MIS4NOW (Management Information System)

Inherent in our customer-centric philosophy which puts the relationship as paramount to our overall process, is the premise of following your journey online after we have delivered a platform for you. Our content team and your designated and committed Account Manager specialise in monitoring your progress online. Using our intuitive report building software they are able to assess key metrics and trends, review your key performance indicators as well as any areas where your business is underperforming and deliver a succinct and cogent report to you presenting statistics, insights and advice for going forward.

The key for your business is that your employees are empowered through this software to visualise pivotal results for your online operations. Your team can assess sales, turnover, time from order to dispatch, and thus, gain a thorough insight into business process and evaluate and possibly re-align key performance indicators.

Reports are easily created and can be uploaded seamlessly into Microsoft packages including Excel and Word along with Adobe PDF.

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eCAMPAIGN4NOW (Email Campaign Software)

The importance of email cannot be underestimated. Given the return on investment potential this marketing activity represents, especially relative to other tools, a retailer simply cannot afford to ignore it.

Despite the tendency for many businesses, particularly today, to associate email with negativity on the part of the consumer, spurred on by the growth in spam, email still remains as a cost effective and light touched method of directly reaching your customers. Once your messages hit the golden premise of being timely and relevant to customers, the potential to grow new business and boost sales is enormous.

BUY4NOW’s eCAMPAIGN4NOW software is a comprehensive and dynamic tool equipping you to easily segment and target your customers with relevant content in a timely manner. The system enables your marketing or content team to directly connect with your registered database of customers.

The software will facilitate simple development, testing and administering of email campaigns. The user of our eCampaign tool has the option to either import an email, or use one of the specially branded templates provided. These custom designed templates are linked to your product database allowing for seamless linking.

The major power of this software is the ability it gives your marketing or content team the ability to craft professionally styled and striking emails in a very short period of time without any knowledge of HTML. The system is also integrated into your website so the software will handle all subscriptions and unsubscriptions from your customers in accordance with the Data Protection Commissioner Guidelines.

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HELP4NOW (Helpdesk Solution)

We recognise the importance of staying in touch with your customers, and as part of this, just like we do with all of our clients, we understand the need for you to keep contact with your customers, even after a sale has been made. It is imperative in the name of relationship building, customer satisfaction and brand building that customer’s queries, issues and complaints can be dealt with in a professional, efficient and timely way. Due to this, and what we consider to be an inherent requirement of eCommerce, particularly for larger retailers with a pharaonic customer base, we offer clients the added benefit of HELP4NOW for their eCommerce platform.

The HELP4NOW integrated helpdesk software solution is an application which provides up-to-date information and clear visibility of customers and their orders to all customer service staff.

A customer is provided with the facility to call your company to place a query, or attempt to solve an issue. The user has the ability to track these customer queries through to conclusion and view any orders which were placed within the system. Thus, customer relations staff can ensure an efficient call procedure ensues for the business and the customer as they are enabled to answer queries with full access to a customer’s order and call history.

The application allows customer agents to log calls and ensure that this customer correspondence is dealt with accordingly. The feature also supports fervent communication between the key groups related to each call such as the website and development team, the customer service agents and the customer.

The intuitive and accessible software not only clearly lays out all relevant information for the user, such as contact details, order history and complaint/query precedence, but posits a category procedure whereby all calls can be quickly logged into three distinct categories depending on their importance and urgency, namely, low, default or urgent. The operation will also support specific assignment of calls to particular personnel within the company; this secures relevance and timely resolution and will establish accountability for customer dealings.

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Add in a touch of you…

Our solutions are as much inspired by your needs and your business goals as our innovative technology and skilled personnel.

Inherent in our processes and pivotal to truly optimising your effectiveness in the eCommerce space is the added ingredient to these solution, YOU. What we mean by this is that a platform only really takes shape once we have applied some measure of customisation to give your overall solution the relevancy and effectiveness it has the potential to achieve and which your business efforts deserve.

The relationship function undeniably lies at the core of our organisation and the functions we process. We do not consider our overall offering to be a standardised or closed procedure.

That is where YOU come in...

Initially, we sit down with you and endeavour to listen closely to everything you have to say. We ask as many questions as necessary and seek to gain a thorough understanding of your company, its culture and your customer as well as to interpret exactly what your goals and targets are for your online journey.

Integration through flexibility means more power for you...

Our main area of specificity when tailoring the solutions to meet your inherent needs is the area of integration. It essentially covers the core, but unique requirements which supports your business and fundamentally aids the cause of delivering those crucial customer benefits and developing your competitive advantage.

An example of our integration capabilities is our partnership with certain IT providers in generating and uploading large data loads. We have partnered with some major partners in this space over the years matching various client requirements. Some of these include: SAP; SAP Business One and Oracle.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and transferring this flexibility into your system. Rigidity is not a feature of our solutions, and while, as we have stated already, certain standard practices and features enable structure and efficiency for both us and you, we endeavour to work to the best of our ability to find a solution to any of your technical or other issues and re-structure, where possible, to integrate appropriately to give your platform the strength your business competencies and goals make it capable of achieving.

Last, but not least, the Brand...

A careful examination and deliberation between BUY4NOW and your team will lead to manifesting your unique brand strategy which will be mapped onto your website. The clinical application of your brand elements will ensure a consistent transpiring of your business from traditional retail to online as well as an injection of style and astuteness to give it the aesthetic qualities necessary to stand out and of course underline those all-important brand messages.

If something you need is not on this list, or you’re uncertain about the real value we can offer your company, contact us and let us know, because we need your input, without it, we can’t continue to grow and without you at the core of what we do, we will fail to be a leader in the eCommerce sphere.

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